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Can you keep a secret? Gossiping isn’t the faux-pas that the patriarchy wants you to think it is.

We’ve all been told at one point in our lives to stop gossiping- that it’s vain and unproductive. Yet, I sincerely hope that you, reader, have had the privilege of experiencing the magic of gossiping at some point in your life. Word on the street is that even though gossiping has been villainized in order to invalidate the genuine friendships between women, studies have shown that is a great way to create meaningful relationships with those around us.  Lara Lee Kelly (@lanthane_radium on TikTok) recently posted a video that was inspired by a statue in the Old Port of Montreal called Les Chuchoteuses (“The Gossipers” in English). She discussed that the term ‘gossip’ was actually once used to describe a...

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Why Pre-Order Sales are the Future of the Sustainable Fashion Industry

The trend cycle has conditioned consumers to constantly “need” new products, and they need them now. As in today. As in right this very second. Consumers have very little patience these days when it comes to receiving their new clothing items. God forbid you have to wait a week for a package to deliver- because by then the trend cycle would have already turned over.  Pre-order sales are normalized in many other industries; when it comes to anticipated books, movies, shoes, video games and electronics, waiting is all part of the game. So why can’t this be the case in the fashion industry as well?  There are so many sustainable benefits to pre-order sales. Let’s break them down:   1. It...

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A Deep Dive into our Capsule Launch

If you’ve been following us for a while, you probably know how much thought we put into our products and messaging. We wanted to share our process with you, so that you can get a deeper understanding for our capsule launch, and hopefully love it as much as we do.  1. Why we chose organic cotton. Our main goal for this launch was to be able to scale in a more sustainable way, which is the main reason why we chose to feature 100% organic cotton products in this launch. Organic cotton uses 91% less water in the production process in comparison to non-organic cotton. It also creates less water pollution and has less greenhouse gas emissions. The facility in...

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The Size Exclusivity of the Fashion Industry

And how we’re (unfortunately) contributing to the problem.  When we first opened our doors in August 2020, we didn’t expect to have much of a consumer base at all. We had exactly 30 pieces in stock for our very first launch, but had somehow managed to grow 5000 followers on TikTok. Most of the pieces that we were selling were upcycling projects from our own closets. The main piece of criticism we received was that we weren’t size inclusive.  We took your criticism seriously, and we expanded our size range for our second launch in September. We brought in a diverse range of models because we believed that plus size clothing should be modelled on plus size bodies. If you’ve...

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