A Deep Dive into our Capsule Launch

If you’ve been following us for a while, you probably know how much thought we put into our products and messaging. We wanted to share our process with you, so that you can get a deeper understanding for our capsule launch, and hopefully love it as much as we do. 

1. Why we chose organic cotton.

Our main goal for this launch was to be able to scale in a more sustainable way, which is the main reason why we chose to feature 100% organic cotton products in this launch. Organic cotton uses 91% less water in the production process in comparison to non-organic cotton. It also creates less water pollution and has less greenhouse gas emissions. The facility in which our garments are made meet the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), meaning our garments meet approved standards across the supply chain. We also made sure that our products were 100% organic cotton, because when organic cotton is blended with other materials, it becomes very hard to separate and send into waste streams. That being said, we know that organic cotton isn’t a perfectly sustainable solution- it yields fewer fibres than GMO cotton, so it requires more land and planting to produce. Is it perfect? No. But our mission is to be more sustainable, and 100% organic cotton, alongside the other sustainable and ethical considerations that we have factored into this launch is definitely a great place to start. 


2. Our manufacturer. 

Our manufacturer is a social enterprise that is based in Tamil Nadu, India, and was one of the first ever Indian companies to manufacture organic cotton clothing. They are all about women empowerment (which, if you haven’t heard, is kind of our thing). They provide training and employment to marginalized women in India, in their spinning and sewing units. Our manufacturer is also Fair Trade Certified, meaning that the employees are paid fairly and are working in safe conditions. Our manufacturer has also gone the extra step to provide housing for employees in the past. They also run schools for disabled people/people with disabilities and orphans, and have established a dedicated cancer hospital for patients who have been affected by harmful chemicals and fertilizers, as well as an HIV treatment centre. It was important to us to find an ethical manufacturer, and it was very special to be able to support this South Asian women-facing company. 


3. The Credit Card Tee. 

While upcycling products is not the focus of this launch, we couldn’t help bringing it into the mix anyways. When looking for partnership opportunities at the beginning stages of our planning process, our wholesaler mentioned that they had gotten an order of around 300 black t-shirts that were sized incorrectly. Knowing that our previous business model revolved around upcycling products to give them new life, they asked us if we could find any use for them. After inspecting some samples, we realized that with a few modifications, we could make these pieces into baby tees- so that’s what we did. Not only is the Credit Card Tee made out of 100% cotton in a Fair Trade Certified Facility, it also provides life to pieces that may have otherwise ended up in a landfill. 


4. The designs. 

Earlier this year, we had a productive conversation with our family regarding our name, as we are trying to reclaim the term ‘Trophy Wives’ after it had been used to insult women for years. It was unanimous- you wanted our name to be the forefront of our brand. We brought that sentiment to life with this launch, which is all about feeling empowered to do whatever the f*** you want. The Classic Tee’s design was inspired by our brand hashtag #NotYourTrophy, which is meant to communicate the ownership of one’s own identity. The Credit Card Tee focuses on taking care of oneself, as we all should be. 


5. Essential pieces. 

A huge gap in the sustainable fashion industry is that many retailers only sell pieces that cater to the minimalist style. For young people who are in the pursuit of sustainability, this can seem very limiting. We wanted to start to close this gap a little bit with this launch, which is why it consists of 2 pieces that never leave our closets- graphic tees. Graphic tees are a go-to staple piece in many Gen-Z closets, and it's rare to find them in a sustainable and ethical context. As a brand, we plan on releasing more intricate pieces in the seasons to come, but graphic tees seemed like an achievable and productive starting point in this first step of a new journey. 


6. Only 2 pieces. 

Yes, only 2. In the spirit of Slow Fashion, we’re scaling slowly- this is the easiest way to grow while holding true to everything that made us start Trophy Wives in the first place. We hope to increase the number of pieces per launch as we continue to grow. Our main priority is to maintain a sustainable and ethical supply chain. If that means taking baby steps for now, we’re okay with that. 

We understand if you feel that there is nothing for you in this launch, and we hope we can release something to your taste in the future. We’d still love it if you could continue to support our brand in non-monetary ways until then. 


7. The campaign. 

You may have noticed that the look and feel of the campaign for this launch gives early 2000s vibes with a modern twist. This is because we felt that this was an accurate representation of the pieces in this collection. You also may have noticed that we have been communicating through the voice of a gossip column. This was to further extend the focus of our designs into the campaign, with subtle symbolism into the way in which gossiping has been portrayed negatively over the years in order to villainize powerful female friendships. Learn more about the history of gossiping here


8. Pre-order sales. 

Pre-order sales are an amazing and efficient way to limit overproduction. Learn more about why we choose to operate on pre-order sales here.