The Trophy Wives Story

Phase 1: Friendship 

Ashley and I met in grade 7, but we didn’t become friends until grade 8; we were seated next to each other on the bus during a field trip to the Ontario Science Centre. Across from us was a girl who was new to our school. She, for whatever reason, confessed to us that she had a crush on a boy in our class. 

Nothing brings two diabolical schemers together more than a chance to play cupid. 

We made it our mission to get these two classmates together. We would plot our moves from the second we got to school, to our walks home (conveniently, we lived on the same route- as if our friendship was meant to be), and then after dinner on Skype. 

Turns out, we weren’t the world-class matchmakers that we thought we were, but we became inseparable, and our conversations slowly began to evolve into more entrepreneurial pursuits. We used to task ourselves with planning all of the class holiday parties (we gathered some of our friends and called ourselves The Holiday Squad), we made and sold handmade soaps bars in order to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society, and we planned a conference about Digital Marketing together. We were lucky to have the guidance of our business teacher, Mr. H, who gave us constant exposure to the world of innovation and entrepreneurship, and who wouldn’t let us catch a break- ever. 

Phase 2: Education 

Fashion has always been our most beloved interest. It was a huge reality-check to realize how much the industry hurt people and the planet. We started our own journey to become sustainable consumers but found it difficult and overwhelming. The more we learned about the industry, the more we noticed that there was no perfect solution. We also came to the conclusion that we weren’t the target market of the sustainable fashion world- existing brands didn’t cater to our styles or mindsets. 

Phase 3: Inception 

Trophy Wives was born because Ashley and I believed that there had to be a better way. Spoiler alert: there isn’t (yet). So that’s when we adopted the idea of becoming “more sustainable” instead of completely sustainable and ethical, because we’re not sure if that’s actually possible. Our ultimate goal is to make participating in the world of sustainable and ethical fashion seem more approachable to young people. The sooner people start adopting more sustainable mindsets, the bigger our individual impacts become. 

We’re on an experimental journey to explore the many different avenues of sustainable and ethical fashion. Our first 2 launches featured products that we upcycled ourselves, and our third and current launch is highlighting organic cotton pieces. We want to continue to test different supply chains and scale while maintaining a sustainable and ethical supply chain at every step of the way.